Question : Need to modify X-Cart to create .csv file for orders

I'm running a basic X-Cart site and using Webgility to integrate into Quickbooks on the back end. This works fine, but I am in need of one piece of additional functionality. Our Order Fulfillment provider (warehouse) needs to be notified when an order is placed. This notification is supposed to be in the form of a .csv file (sample attached.) Is there a way I can modify X-Cart to create this notification upon every order, or maybe an order summary at the end of every day?
sample sales order csv file

Answer : Need to modify X-Cart to create .csv file for orders

I would ask this question in the X-Cart community forums or in their support desk.  The key phrases you would want to use are "API" or "user exit" - in essence you're looking for something like the PayPal Instant Payment Notification - an application script that would get posted with the purchase information each time a purchase was made.

I've done this with the PayPal IPN - we notify the warehouse with shipping information at the time each order is received.  It has worked flawlessly without human intervention for over 4 years.  So you're on the right track!

best regards, ~Ray
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