Question : usercontrols, docking and scrolling problems

Hi experts

I have a usercontrol which consists of a datagridview and some buttons.
this usercontrol should be embedded in a panel on a form (or directly on a form, doesn't matter).
My Problem is that vertical place is fixed while horizontal space is plenty available and the usercontrol should grow accordingly.
When I set the usercontrol's dock property to fill, it actually does grow (horizontal). But it seems that setting dock to fill is disabling scrolling on my usercontrol. with the result that I can't use my usercontrol since the vertical space available is limited (and I need scrolling therefore).
If I set the usercontrol's docking property to none, I can scroll but the usercontrol does not grow of course.

is there anyway to achieve what I want?
Or do I have to manually resize the control?

I'm using winforms, c# and vs2008


Answer : usercontrols, docking and scrolling problems

What about this?  Part of the issue might be that it has to keep up with the indexing for all six million records.  

ALTER Your_Index_Name ON my_table DISABLE

UPDATE my_table
SET field1 = RTRIM(field1)

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