Question : KMS is activating Win7 Pro but not Win 2008 R2 Enterprise

My KMS Server is activating as it should my Windows 7 clients. It doesnt activate Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise servers. I looked the KMS log file and I cant see even any license request from my servers only from clients. Maybe I have wrong license key or something. What I should do? I want to activate my Win7 Pro in future as well but also my servers. I scare that if I change my KMS license key my server will not activate my Win7s anymore...

Thanks :)

Answer : KMS is activating Win7 Pro but not Win 2008 R2 Enterprise

Sounds like you want something:
I wouldn't recomend thier use with servers, as I'd imagine it would limit airflow fairly severly.  They're more designed for protecting knobs from people adjusting them.

What you probably should have gotten was a server with a locking bezel.  Most of Dell's 1U server have a big metal bar that's designed to keep fingers away from things, but still alowing airflow.

Honestly, at this point you best bet is a 'don't touch' postit note, and a webcam to show you who touched something if you have problems.
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