Question : Windows 7 Printing

Randomly receive "Operation could not be completed (error 0x00000005). Access is denied." when trying to add some HP printers from a Windows Server 2003 print server.  All Windows XP clients are able to add the printers just fine.  Am basically adding using \\printserver\printer to add the devices.  

Answer : Windows 7 Printing

By default vista and win7 allow only administrator to install print drivers, i think you are trying to install through local user ?
If yes , follow below steps to do manually

Login as local user --> control pannel--> double click printers--> then run as administrator (Alt+right clik choose run as admin) --> Add local printer--> create new port , for type choose local port -->enter port name (adress :- //ip adress/sharename of printer ) --> next --> finish

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