Question : how to search for a file with no dimensions

I have a situation where I have identified random file corruption across MANY directories in a Windows environment.

A quick overview:
We have a Document Management System where our end users scan paperwork then index the scans for digital data storage. We are then able to use the index data to search for and display the scanned documents via a web interface.

Documents get scanned as tif images and live in directories on out server. A database controls the index data and file paths for searching and displaying images via web.

The problem:
One of my end users has identified an issue with one file where they are unable to view the image. Further investigation uncovered that there are in fact many files which are corrupt.

I noticed that these corrupt files do not contain meta data, such as dimensions, so when looking at a list of files in windows explorer i am able to easily identify which files contain dimension information and which ones do not.

images without dimension data are the corrupt ones.

Is there a way for me to search an entire drive or directory and identify files without dimensions and then export this information in .txt or .csv?

I am willing to try programs outside of windows native ability and am prepared to write/run vb scripting to accomplish this.

The path of the file is also important to identify because it contains a naming convention which is required for me to be able to back track these corrupt files to the indexed data in our system.

Let me know if you have any questions or need additional information.

An example of one of the corrupt files is attached for reference if it is helpful.    
example of corrupted file

Answer : how to search for a file with no dimensions

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