Question : Automatic Email Upon RDP Connection

When a remote system (System A) connects to my RDP Host (System B), I would like System B to automatically fire off an automated email message.  Any ideas on how best to accomplish this? System B is Windows XP SP3.

Answer : Automatic Email Upon RDP Connection

on system b install smtp from "add remove programs" --> add remove windows programs , once you have smtp installed check to see if it works by opening a cmd and typing telnet 25 , you should see a blank screen with with a header.
type crtl+[  and type quit.

use this link the make the script (copy to a batch file with .bat extension)  :
put the script in a seperate directory (i.e X folder) and follow those instruction to configure execution:

# In the Remote Desktop Connection window, click Options.

# On the programs tab, under Start a program, click Start the following program on connection.

# In the program path and file name box, type the path and file name of the program that you want to run after the connection is created.

# Optionally, in the Start in the following folder: box, type the path to the working directory of the program.

didn't have the time to check - hope it works..
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