Question : Please suggest a suitable router

Hello Experts,

Could you please suggest or recommend suitable hardware to install a basic wireless network?

I have 25 x (old) HP desktops each needing a USB Wireless dongle & also need a compatible router to go with them.

Which USB adaptors and router should I consider?  Its a DSL internet connection.  I also need to be able to buy additional range extenders of some sort as the area to be covered is quite large and may need to be extended.

Would appreciate:

Suggestion for the make and model of router
Suggestion for make and model of USB dongles
Suggestion for compatible range extenders

Thanks in advance :)

Answer : Please suggest a suitable router

linksys wrt 54gl as router and range extender. perfectly suitable for smaller companies because of their os interchangability. ( there are some more but you can get a good over view on this based on the given information).
it can nearly do the stuff as a high class cisco router.

you could even use the linksys as dongle - just plug a normal network cable in your pc and in your router - config the router to connect to the wlan network (with dhcp ip) with the main router and let the main router be a dhcp server too.and you could
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