Question : Exchange 2007 Connectivity problems

I have a brand new installation of 2 servers. 1 2003 R2 Domain controller, and 1 Exchange 2003 R2 Memberserver running Exchange 2007 SP2 with rolup4. ALL DNS between the 2 is working fine. No errors in any of the event logs. I can connect to user mailboxes from OWA all day long. I have no client machines yet so i Installed Outlook 2007 on the domain controller. I cannot create a outlook profile using any of my user accounts. When I try to connect Outlook all I get is name cannot be resolved and that Outlook needs to be online or connected to complete this action. Normaly I would acuse DNS but I can ping the Exchange server by name and IP. I can browse to it through network Places I can ping all outside servers. Any Ideas of the issue I might be having?

Answer : Exchange 2007 Connectivity problems

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