Question : Cannot Access Drive

My son's computer developed a problem, we could not boot it up to windows, it wouldn't even boot to safe mode, so in order to try to save some music files inside the hard drive, I removed it and placed it in a new external sata to usb enclosure. The idea was to connect it via USB to my computer and try to save some files.
But even as an external USB connected drive, it cannot be accessed. I get this message, when I try to explore it or double click on it, "N:// is not accessible, error performing inpage operation"
How can I save any files in it, if I cannot access it? Is there another way?

Answer : Cannot Access Drive

Some of the problems I've had with mice over the years include:
 -Trying to use a Laser or Optical mouse on a glass or highly reflective surface.
 -Low batteries in a mouse that didnt report to me the battery was low.
 -A mouse designed for Windows 95, that didnt have a good XP driver would just stop working until reboot.

So I'd suggest first:  Make sure you are testing with a different mouse that works on another computer.

If its still not working, I would start to suspect some type of XP corruption (Hard disks, drivers, virii, service packs)

Let me know if any of those help and if any further direction on one of those is called for.
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