Question : Need help with Syntax -  DnsAvoidRegisterRecords

I have a Windows 2003 Domain controller, which is also a Global Catalogue with 2 network cards and I want to Stop the Automatic creation of (same as parent folder) “A” records by the Netlogon Service (for the second network card only, ip address

so I go to:


and create the value for

Registry value: DnsAvoidRegisterRecords

Data type: REG_MULTI_SZ

here is where I am unsure of the syntax:

for the value, do I just type the ip address:

 or do I type:




Answer : Need help with Syntax -  DnsAvoidRegisterRecords

As I said, I don't think it permits you to define IP addresses, that means making the change will prevent it registering all records associated with the mnemonic.

So this one:


Will prevent it registering the same as parent folder host record for both interfaces.

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