Question : Restoring old mail

I have the task of restoring mail going back to 2002-3.
I have got the tapes with the mail backed up on them.
I've used BackupExec to catalog these tapes and I can see the mailboxes of the users I want to restore.
Now, the problem is that these mailboxes were backed up on a Outlook 2000 and now we have Outlook 2003.
I'm running into errors when trying to restore these mailboxes to our current exchange server.
Is this possible?, can i restore an old mailbox backed up from an exchange 2000 info store onto an exchange 2003?
If not, what would be the way I should do this?

Any ideas?


Answer : Restoring old mail

you have to restore the full information store, otherwise you are trying to restore a part file into another file on an old machine that no longer exists.

Restore the FULL priv1.edb etc.
As per sunnyc7, this site gives you a decent overview step by step of what you can do.
Be advised, you do need a Win2000 server in the mix...
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