Question : Unable to create the website error

Hello Experts,
I have installed Windows 7 operating system and then installed SQL Server 2008 and Visual Studio 2005.
When I try to create a new web site in Visual Studio 2005 then I get the following error:
Unable to create the web http://localhost/testapp/WebSite. Could not find a web server at 'testapp'

When I try to browse the http://localhost then IIS default page appears. What should I do? Any idea?

Answer : Unable to create the website error


follow those steps below

1) right click on the folder "WebSite" and click on the Property.
2) then click on the security tab and click on the add button
3) Type "aspnet" and click enter
4) you can see "ASP.NET Machine Account"
5) give it full access and click ok.

If till not working then change something in IIS
check Vertion
Also set "Application Protection" to "Low (IIS Process)

(see images)


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