Question : SOAP, WEB Service, VB.NET

I'm using VB.NET.

I want to talk to a number of WEB services using SOAP.  In Solution Explorer in my project, I right clicked and I added a Service Reference for each of 10 WEB services.   I pointed to the URL of a WSDL file for each of the 10 services.  My project now has the references to the WSDL definitions for the services.  

First, is what I did correct?

Second, now how do I proceed to use SOAP calls to interact with the services and to make use of the objects that I just imported?


Answer : SOAP, WEB Service, VB.NET

You can start by testing each web service using a Test Client Project (e.g. Console Project) by calling a web method and determine whether you can access your web service or not.  For example:

Dim UniTest As localhost1.Service1  = New localhost1.Service1()

The SOAP interaction happens below the scene, so in your case, it will feel as if you are just accessing another method or function.

You can also use Add Web Reference and then navigate to the web service URL in adding a reference to the WSDL if you want.
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