Question : How to Shutdown an EMC Centera

We are providing a managed service for a clinical PACS to a client. For data storage we are using two EMC Centeras, one at the live DC and the other in the DR DC. The replication between the two Centeras is done at the application layer. So the two Centeras do not use EMC's replication system and as a result operate in isolation and are unaware of each other's existence.

The client has asked us to produce documentation on how to shutdown and restart the system, both in its entirety and for each component. For most of the system this is an such a trivial task that creating the documentation is just an annoyance. However it has been realised that we are unfamiliar with the shutdown and startup of the Centeras as we have bought the support from EMC. We have asked them the question on how to shutdown/ startup the Centeras to which their reply was simply 'disconnect the power supply'. This is presumably on the basis that Centera will detect the loss of power to its UPS and gracefully shut itself down. Considering it stores several TBs of clinical data, this sounds a particularly high risk approach.

Could someone shed some light on the 'pull the plug' approach? Also, if there is a manageable way of shutting the Centera down, could we have an answer to that too please?

Answer : How to Shutdown an EMC Centera

are you 200% sure you moved the table with the identity property set on the column(s) as needed?
that is the only reason I can think of of the scope_identity returning null after the insert
please double-check
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