Question : SharePoint Quick Launch and Security

By default, when you create a new workspace, SharePoint asks if you want to display the new workspace on the Quick Launch bar of the parent site. If you say yes, then it appears on the Quick Launch for only those users that have access to it. However, if I initially responded No to that prompt, but later added a Quick Launch link to the same path manually, the link always appears, regardless of whether a user has permissions to use the resource.

So, the question is, how do I restore the ability to add a link to the Quick Launch for an existing workspace and have it apply the security context so it is only visible to those with permissions? For what it's worth, I can tell which workspaces I chose to add to the parent site's Quick Launch bar by the fact that when I edit the link, the web address path, it is greyed out, whereas those links I created manually allow editing of the web address, so there is definitely something different about them... but what and how do I replicate it?

This is on a WSS 3.0 site with SP2 and most other patches, save for the most recent. We are authenticating to Active Directory and no Forms Based Authentication, if that makes a difference.

Answer : SharePoint Quick Launch and Security

You’ll have to get the email by mounting the database from the crashed SBS 2003in an exchange 2003 server and export it out to .pst files. Or they were running Outlook  in offline cache mode then you should be able to export to pst.

How many workstations?

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