Question : Windows Machine and Windows Services for UNIX

I have a USB drive attached to Server 2003.  I then have two ESXi hosts.  Next, I installed the WSFU services on the 2003 server.  I then configured WSFU to accept connections from ONE of my Esxi Servers.  I was then able to add a datastore to my ESXi host by setting up NFS on the folder on my USB drive.  Now I want to do the same thing for my SECOND Esxi host; however, I am not sure how to configure multiple servers in the WSFU.  Does anyone have any experience in using this?

Answer : Windows Machine and Windows Services for UNIX

That is kind of a broad question.  Do you want a two-phase approach where the commit doesn't happen on the server if the client cannot commit?

Is this a two-way replication.  If the client updates/deletes/??? does that transaction need to come back to the server?

How often does this need to happen (real time, once a day)?

For a single table it might be easier to write your code using an internal 'queue' table, triggers and a database link.

The main Oracle replication methods are:
1: Streams replication
2: Oracle Advanced Replication

You can also to some things with Materlalized views and/or transportable tablespaces.
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