Question : Windows 7 beeping Audiodg taking 5 GIGS of memory

This is a 500 pointer....

It's not too often I come across problems I can't lick but this has me stumped. Apparently some update or something has screwed my audio. After logging in, I get a steady beep out of my EXTERNAL speakers. Does not occur during boot up not at the login screen, it starts AFTER logging in (and I created a new profile to see if it's profile specific to no avail).

Silencing the system sounds in the mixer stops it but it continues until audiodg exhausts my RAM, and I must reboot.

I used msconfig to try to isloate but apparently even disabling everything but basic services and the beep continues. Although it doesn't happen in safe mode, but rebooting in to Windows with basic services (non safe mode) and the beep starts again.

CPU, MOBO, everything is within range temperature wise. No hardware issues (checked everything). So I'm thinking not an alarm.

Apparently this was discovered in Vista and earlier releases of Win7 but was never fixed. It's looking like an format and reload of Win7 but there has to be an answer somewhere....

By the way my version of Win7 is Professional 64-bit....any ideas?

Again, this is NOT coming from the BIOS and the beep is continuous but everything else works fine until the audiodg.exe get to over a couple of GIG of MEM usage. I have system sounds muted for the moment but need a real fix, surely I'm not the only one with this problem.

Answer : Windows 7 beeping Audiodg taking 5 GIGS of memory

You can for Windows 2003

You take the core 4 - 290, 291, 293, and 294

Then you take one of the OS exams, one design exam, and one elective

That gets you your seven exams.

For Windows 2000 you can't because their core exams are retired now



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