Question : ZPL

I have intermec printers, but a customer's software is requiring ZPL printer language. I assume that ZPL is only for Zebra printers and can't be used by intermec printers. is this a safe assumption?

Answer : ZPL

As on_prakash_p says.  You make the form action to call the same page you are on

<form id="form1" name="form1" method="post" action="samepage.asp" >

Then you need to check when the page reloads if it has called itself from a form.  In this case if we pressed a button on the form called BTN_Submit the request form will NOT be blank so we just check

If Trim(Request.Form("BTN_Submit")) <> "" Then    

Now this is where you can then loop through the recordset and and output the data  
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