Question : Auto start and mount RAID array Linux

Hey ppl,

I have created a RAID 5 array in Ubuntu thats humming along nicely, but I need to auto start and mount the array at boot (WTF is up with that lol).

I created it through the Ubuntu Disk utility GUI, it wouldnt kill them to chuck in a check box for auto start...


Answer : Auto start and mount RAID array Linux

I fixed it, my understanding is that mdadm.conf runs first and starts the array, then fstab runs and mounts the array.

I uninstalled mdadm using apt-get, deleted mdadm.conf, rebooted and reinstalled mdadm using apt-get, then ran "sudo mdadm --assemble --scan", this created a new mdadm.conf with the correct settings. One thing I noticed is that it put "ARRAY /dev/tsunami" (tsunami is my array name) in the mdadm.conf, I changed this to "ARRAY /dev/md0", then I added my partition (located on the RAID array) to fstab, it looks like this "/dev/md0p1      /media/tsunami      xfs      defaults      1      2".

Then after all this, it works!! :)
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