Question : Software for a video rental store

I have a new client that needs POS software for a video sales and rental store. He just opened and bought a cheap 300 dollar program that is probably costing him that per day in mistakes. He wants something that can be touch screen or keyboard operated and make minimal use of the mouse. Does anyone have experience with such software for a small time movie rental shop? He will have two terminals and one location.

Answer : Software for a video rental store

they are both ports of logj. Go with whatever you are comfortable with. log4cxx might be a bit cumbersome to link and build using Visual Studio but once you get over the initial hiccups you are good to go.

Check the respective webpages since they could end up being not updated in quite a while. log4cxx usage requires that you use the correct working version of files, that is if there any later versions at all....

Here's a good article on log4cplus
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