Question : Joomla Templates

I am just learning Joomla, I am an experienced web developer.

I have a specific design I want to use for a brand new web site.

How can i find / build a template that suits my precise design?

Answer : Joomla Templates

Learning to build joomla templates takes a little time.

Have you read this - strating point:!_template

I would start tinkering with one of the defaulst templates css and index.php file to see how it all "works" - in fact you could actually change ANY template to look like you wnat - but you need to tinker with html / css and php code.

Use firefox browser with firebug plugin - do you know these.

If I were you I'd start with a test site and spend some time with the rhuk milkyway template. Then go template hunting - find something similar and make changes as needed.

You may also be interested in a program called artisteer [ ] - but I  personally prefer hadnd-coding templates
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