Question : Domain Controller failing to read gpt.ini

I have a server 2003 DC that has an odd problem with group policy. I am recieving a hoard of Event 1030 & 1058s with access denied to sysvol. I can access \\server\sysvol from the DC, but \\doamin\sysvol gets an access denied. I have tried resetting ACLs to no avail.

DNS is working correctly, and dcdiag shows no errors of concern, and repadmin shows successful replication.

You help is greatly appreciated.


Answer : Domain Controller failing to read gpt.ini

Could be a lot of things GPO permissions, DNS, network, to name a few

Take a look at these two articles
Good EE article by Chief IT

I'd try the dfsutil /purgemupcache first and see if that helps (i've had luck with it on a few boxes in the past)


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