Question : Access multple parameter query

I have a form with a subform based off of a query and button that when clicked will refresh the subform.. I have been trying to get the form to pull data based on any combination I put in the 5 text boxes on my form... Lets just call the text boxes, txt1, txt 2, txt3 etc.. My subform is based off a query and is a datagrid. My textboxes are on the main form.  I know I need to put params in the query.. I don't mind using SQL if I need to.  I know it's a and or thing but I need to be able to get correct results.. For example, If txt3 pulls productLocation CA I want only pull CA records. Then to further narrow I choose apples from txt1 and only records with apples from CA come up then.. Then I want to narrow results again so I choose GALA from the txt5 and only GALA aples from CA come up... Business RULES: I HAVE to use text boxes on my form.. NO filter by form is wanted.. Thanks!!

Answer : Access multple parameter query

We have a 5520, and to my knowledge you would need a router in front of it giving it an external IP
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