Question : System Config utility opens at login everytime

We have a product installed (CA Etrust Antivirus) and cannot remove it.  To prevent it from starting I had to disable it in System Configuration Utility.  Now I'm getting the message that it's running in Diagnostic or Selective Startup mode everytime I login.  There are a few other items I disabled but they will reappear in the startup list if I uncheck them.  I also tried removing registry entries for these programs and still having the same issue.  Is there another way to cleanup usused startup items or do I have to run System Config in this mode permanently?  I know I can check the box to "Don't show this message... when Windows starts" for the eTrust program, but want to prevent these other programs from running and being readded to startup.

Answer : System Config utility opens at login everytime

I'm not able to remove the program using any of the possible solutions above.  I have re-enabled CA Etrust Antivirus in the System Configuarion Utility so that it does not open everytime I login to the server.
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