Question : Cisco Configuration Professional download

I bought this Brand new cisco router 1941

I thought ,when you buy a router , those tools comes with it, but it does not have any Cd so that i can install, so i guess i will have to download this from cisco site

but that site require login

i registered my self but still i cant download

so how am i suppose to download those software??

Cisco Configuration Professional
Networkwide deployment, configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting
Security staging, configuration, and monitoring

note : here i am saying download form cisco as a true user,
I know i can get from google but i want to get from cisco directly as customer of them

how will i do that ??


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Answer : Cisco Configuration Professional download

To login into Cisco's website, you need a Smartnet contract.  To download images for a specific device, your contract must cover that device.

Is there no image on this device?
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