Question : Retrieve data from 'TABLE_ONE' based on entry in 'TABLE_TWO'

Hello Experts!

I have two tables in database, for example:
- table 'TABLE_ONE' and columns Name, Manager, Master, User .Each Name has unique Manager, Master and User.
- table 'TABLE_TWO'' and columns Name, Entry1, Entry2, Entry3. This table holds questions from Name

Lets say I have Name='Justme' in TABLE_TWO and I want retrieve and display Manager, Master and User from TABLE_ONE for Name='Justme';

But not sure how to do that :-/
I want to do it this way, because it's much more flexible than for example create Manager, Master and User in TABLE_TWO and copy data from TABLE_ONE (I was doing this so far unfortunately)

Thanks for any help or hint

Answer : Retrieve data from 'TABLE_ONE' based on entry in 'TABLE_TWO'

please try to open outlook with the command outlook /cleanserverrules.

If that does not help then go for mfcmapi to find and delete that rule and then try creating a new rule and check.

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