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I am trying to troubleshoot an issue whereby some messages on some of our users' Blackberry devices are not being deleted when they are deleted from Outlook. I came across this article here:

In it, it states:

"Email messages selected for permanent deletion in Microsoft Outlook occasionally still appear on the BlackBerry smartphone after email message reconciliation has taken place. This can occur in any of the following situations:

The Microsoft Exchange Server permanent delete notification queue has a fixed size. When the notification limit is exceeded, some permanent delete notifications may be lost.
Microsoft Exchange will send only 20 to 25 notifications (on average) to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server when many email messages are permanently deleted at a time from the BlackBerry smartphone user's mailbox. Only 20 to 25 email messages will be deleted from the BlackBerry smartphone when hard delete reconciliation is enabled on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server.
Note: Permanently deleted email messages cannot be detected by rescans. If the object deleted Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI) notification is lost, the email message is not deleted from the BlackBerry smartphone.
There is no resolution currently available for this issue because it depends on the permanent delete notification queue limit for the Microsoft Exchange Server. As a workaround, BlackBerry smartphone users should avoid permanently deleting more than 25 email messages at once on their Microsoft Outlook accounts. "

So basically, if a userr hard deletes, say, 50 messages from their Outlook at once, then BES may only catch the first 25 due to the notification limit, since Exchange will only notify BES of that first 25?

What I am confused about is that, say the 50 were deleted using OWA or something. Then why is it that 'normal' MAPI clients such as Outlook do not suffer this problem and are always up to date, regardless of how many messages were hard deleted at once?

Answer : MAPI Notification query

well, you could change the security on the root folder, in advanced, make it so your users have modify on "this folder only"

then, if all 50 subfolders get the same security as the other subfolders, you can select all the folders at the same time, right  click properties, security - it will ask you if you want to make them all the same, say yes.... then adjust from there...  advanced, uncheck inherit from parent, give them their modify permissions here and include subfolders

if they need different security from each other, then, you're going to have to do each subfolder individually...  but you -might- be able to get someone in a scripting category here to write you a batch file that you can run in the root folder, which captures a (dir /b) listing, pumps it thru a loop that runs cacls.exe over each result, using if/then for directory names, but that's going to be harder than just doing it by mouse.

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