Question : Xp WSUS Gorup Policy not working

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Ive recently found an issue in all sites I work at with wsus. My wsus servers at each site are working quite happily and all clients have group policies that point to these machines. Recently I have found that 50% of my clients appear to be bypassing the group policy set wsus server and going direct to windowsupdate. The only thing I can attribute to this is the introduction of wpad at all sites intended for auto proxy config for clients not on the domains. There is no problem with group policies or dns in any way as everything else is working fine. According to most local machines logs they are supposed to be talking to the local update servers yet my internet traffic logs say otherwise. The wsus consoles have a record of much less machines than they used to. Has anybody come across this problem as its quite frustrating since group policy and all other network services are working fine. Any help is greatly appreciated

PS: All clients WinXPSP3, All WSUS Server 2008 R2 x 64 with all updates applied

Answer : Xp WSUS Gorup Policy not working

Well, there is nothing in that log indicating that its "Bypassing to Microsoft" for updates. Are any of the client machines imaged?

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