Question : tips for installing service pack on windows 2008

has anyone got any tips on installing services packs on windows server sbs?

Im installing pack and at the moment just installing them with little to no prep work. what does everyone else do before they install a service pack?   are there websites to be check ?

This includes sharepoint and exchange in the discusion.

Answer : tips for installing service pack on windows 2008

My general procedure is as follows:

1) Check the SBS team blog. When updates have issues, they will usually get a blog post up.

2) Critical updates get applied same week, but I wait until the weekend unles the security advisory has something "in the wild"

3) Important updates I wait two weeks.

4) I back up right before starting and I back up right after finishing and I DON'T replace the first backup (need the option to roll back.)

Simple as that.

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