Question : exchange roll ups and service packs?

Can someone explain what a roll up is and what a service pack is please?? and what is the difference?

I am asking as a general question but also i have a specific application in mind.  I am installing SBS 2008 to see whether we should move to it and in doing so trying to get all the latest updates.  Then i hit this issue? which exchange updates do i install and in what order?

thanks in advancded

Answer : exchange roll ups and service packs?

There wasn't as of last week, so unless I missed one, SP3 is still it. And yes, you can apply SP3 on a clean SBS box without doing any intermediate steps.

You can also run Windows Update and check the "other microsoft products" checkbox after you install SP3 and it'll catch any update rollups that may have surfaced. UR's are on MU. SPs aren't. With that said, I do *not* recommend turning on automatic updates. But manually checking is a perfectly normal practice.

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