Question : UAC Whilelist?

Dear experts,

I like the UAC feature in Vista and Win7, but is it possible to create a "whilelist" so that I can allow certain program to run without being checked/blocked? For example, everytime when I launch Firefox it prompts me to click allow access (something like that).

I understand it is a safety feature and I appreciate it. But wouldn't it be more sensible to allow advance users to maintain a whilelist? I don't want to turn it off though.

Can anyone tell me is that "doable" in Vista and/or Windows 7?


Answer : UAC Whilelist?

The only way I'm aware of with the in box tools is using a scheduled task:

I actually attended an online Microsoft webcast during the Vista beta about UAC and asked about a whitelist feature.  I was told this was not done because programs could simply add themselves to this special list.

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