Question : Cisco 7965 background

Ive been following the steps to add the logo to the phone, yet it is not showing up on the phone as an option.  Can someone help me out with the steps to do this?


Answer : Cisco 7965 background

How are you doing it? Are you using Cisco Phone Designer, or manual tftp method? Call Manager? What version?
You have to make sure the List.xml file is in the proper directory, and make sure the image files are in the proper directory and that the tftp server has been restarted.

7965 and 7945 background requirements

Thumbnail = 80x53 16bit color (65535 colors)

Full Size = 320x212 16bit color (65535 colors)

Directory = /Desktops/320x212x16

List.xml file=


<ImageItem Image="TFTP:Desktops/320x212x16/THUMBNAIL.png"



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