Question : Messages forwarded by Outlook rule go nowhere

We have a fairly large number of messages (2000) in a mailbox which need to be forwarded to external address (an external archive).  Since we are too cheap to pay for a bulk upload ;) we wish to forward all these messages off to the archive destination SMTP address individually.  It is not very realistic to manually forward each message.  So, we created a rule in Outlook which is defined as follows:
"Apply rule after message arrives
 flagged for follow up
 forward it to destination address"

When a subset of messages are flagged for follow up and the rule is manually incurred, the messages are transmitted to the exchange server and show as 'received', but they never progress through routing and transmission after that.  The messages show in message tracking as 'receive' from source 'storedriv' and nothing further happens to them. (see attchd screen shot taken at least 30 minutes after the last run of the Outlook rule).

This process has been repeated with all Anti-Virus software, and all non-core routing agents disabled and nothing changes.

Can anyone explain this behaviour and / or provide a suggestion on what might get the intended activity working?


Answer : Messages forwarded by Outlook rule go nowhere

First check:
On the server:
   1. Start Exchange System Manager.
   2. Double-click Global Settings, and then click Internet Message Formats.
   3. In the Details pane, right-click a domain name, and then click Properties. The default SMTP domain is "*".
   4. In the Properties box, click the Advanced tab, and then click to select the Out of office responses check box. This enables Out-of-Office responses to the Internet for the selected domain.

This affects forwarding rules as well

if that is already done, try creating a contact in active directory for the external email address. Then forward the email to the contact.
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