Question : Help on calculating days in SQL script

The following script:

        select (convert(numeric(17,2),datediff(y,strtdate,getdate()))) from table

where the column strtdate value is 7/13/1988, the result that gives is:

        8031.00 days

However, when I use Excel to cal the difference between 7/13/1988 and 7/9/2010, that value is 8030.00 days

Am I missing something from my script? I have to compare the SQL results with the Excel result and they are different

Answer : Help on calculating days in SQL script

I ran that in Excel 2007, and it worked fine :)

Are you regional settings for dates set at m/d/yyyy (as mine are), or d/m/yyyy?

BTW, I get the same answer if I use =TODAY()-"13 Jul 1988"
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