Question : Is eBoostr truly worth buying to boost netbook speed?

Hi everyone,

  Has anyone here used eBoostr? If yes, what are your experiences with this product? Would you recommend other products / methods / tweaks to boost my computer?

  Although I've already applied most tweaking tips from ComputingUnleashed :

  I'm planning to buy eBoostr for my Acer Aspire One AOA150 1.5G RAM since I'm running xp mode there together with spreadsheets and inet browsing tools simultaneously. I don't want to experience problems loading xp mode whenever other applications are presently running.

 If you could recommended other products that beats the price (lesser or free :D) and performs equally or better with eboostr, then that'll surely be a big help :D Thank you in advance

Answer : Is eBoostr truly worth buying to boost netbook speed?

"so you mean what ever we can d with mm_Menu we can do using Spry!!
and Spry is better than mm_menu right?"

Yes.  Frankly, just about anything is better than mm_menu.

FYI, since mm_menu is also an external javascript file, you will have the same problems with the hosting provider not "supporting" it.
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