Question : Adding Columns to ASP.Net Gridview Control

I wrote the following code attempting to add additional columns to a ASP/ Net GridView control, however at runtime, the only columns that display are the ones i create using <asp:Boundfield> tags.  What am I doing wrong?

 int j = myreader.GetInt32(2);
 BoundField newfield = new BoundField();
 newfield.HeaderText = j.ToString();
newfield.DataField = "Top";
lineGrid.Columns.Insert(i, newfield);
lineGrid.Rows[0].Cells[j].Text = myreader.GetInt32(3).ToString();
lineGrid.Rows[1].Cells[j].Text = myreader.GetInt32(4).ToString();

Answer : Adding Columns to ASP.Net Gridview Control

Your contractor will be creating an OUTGOING request on port 1935 to their server I am guessing. I think this test is testing a request for an incoming stream. Try reversing the rules for the test.
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