Question : computer freezes at different times

I have a custom built pc. EVGA 790i mobo, Intel q9400, 4gigs Patriot ddr3 ram, Seagate 1.5 terabyte hd & Seagate 1. terabyte hd, Pioneer blue ray burner, Sony dvd burner, Creative xi fi titanium,  xfx geforce 280oc, Thermaltake 1000w power  supply. I have nod 32 virus scan, & comodo firewall, and Windows 7 ultimate 32bit.I have the pc in question running next to me now. Seems to be working fine. But it freezes at random times. Sometimes at the bios, sometimes while gaming, other times at the windows boot screen.  Tried to boot from a knoppix cd, but it stopped after a few seconds. Downloading Ubuntu on my laptop now. OK just froze after 5 min. I was running Superantispyware. Now it's unfroze. wow, what the heck. Froze completely now. Maybe a heat issue? Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks Ed
just checked my temps in the bios
cpu   47c = 117f
mobo 27c = 81f

Answer : computer freezes at different times

Oh.  I see.  Does it say how many updates are being installed?

Try opening it up in Safe Mode.  You might be able to do a system restore to yesterday or sometime prior to the downloading of the updates.  Then follow the procedure I indicated above to see which update is causing the problem.
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