Question : HyperV Logging as local admin..

I have HyperV running on win2k8R2. The guest OS is win2k3/SP2. After install of the guest OS I joined the domain. Since joining the domain I can no longer login as local admin on the box. I tried "Administrator" and "administrator", selected the "Log on to ..." in the login dialog box to "THis computer". Am I missing something ?

Answer : HyperV Logging as local admin..

You should define all the elements of the border to make sure you get what you want (@TheQuietShadow - that didn't work for me... it's missing the border-style) eg

<img src='image.jpg' alt='' style='border:20px solid red;'/>

or adding to @TheQuietShadow's version

<img src='image.jpg' alt='' style='border-width:20px;border-style:solid; border-color:red;'/>
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