Question : Network Share, and Sql login not working properly for 1 user in a group.

For my office I have:  Domain Server W-2003 & SqlExpress 2005
I am putting together 4 workstations Vista Ultimate in a workgroup "Work"
I have 6 users and each user may be on up to 3 workstations... for now all are Administrators.
On the server I have one "Group" where all six users are included.
Each user needs to map "R" as a network drive on the Server.
I have an Access accde that resides on the server that interacts with an SQL database on the Server.
In SQL this "group" has a common LogIN

My problem is that for all users but 1 "Mike" the "R" share works, and the accde works.  For Mike the share will not connect on 1 PC, but it will connect on one of the others.  The next problem with "Mike" is that on the PC where he can connect to R, and when he runs the accde, SQL says SQL state 28000, Server Error 18452 "Sql server log-in failed.

I have deleted Mikefrom the PC and Server group, and the server.  Did a restart, and put him back in place, but it did not fix the problem.  There is some quirk with Mike, and I do not know where to look, or what to try next.  Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

Frank Babz

Answer : Network Share, and Sql login not working properly for 1 user in a group.

Configure Auto Archive for the date required.  It will move earlier messages to the archive file.

Once the Auto Archive runs, turn it off and "close" the archive PST.

To setup and shutdown the Auto Archive feature:

  1. Pull down the "Tools" menu and select "Options...". 
  2. Click the "Other" tab. 
  3. Click on "AutoArchive...". 
  4. Follow the prompts, and configure as desired... 

- Tom

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