Question : Windows 7 Enterprise MAK activation erros

We have, recently, had tons of trouble with our Win7 Enterprise MAK activation (image attached with error).  Information -

- Windows 2003 Active Directory integrated domain
- Win 7 machine is domain-joined
- User trying to do the activation on the machine has full enterprise administration rights on the domain
- Tried the following:
Scratch load of Win7
Turned off/disabled Windows Firewall - did not work
Turned off/disabled McAfee - did not work
Verified MAK key has *tons* of activations left (it does) - we have 3000 allowed on this license, with only 1225 activated so far
As a last ditch - tried VAMT 2.0 from another machine to do "online activation" and got "The connection with the server was terminated abnormally", then tried "proxy activation" and got "the underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occured on a send."

This is a recent problem - in the past few weeks.  No enterprise firewall settings have changed.  We have a ticket open with Microsoft, but they are not being successful in determining the issue.

Anyone have anything else or seen this before?
activation error
activation error

Answer : Windows 7 Enterprise MAK activation erros

Personally, I would take a laptop off of your network and try activating it at home.  That will pinpoint it to be either a network problem or a problem with your key with Microsoft.
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