Question : prolems with internal emails on new Exchange server and domain

I've just installed a new SBS 2008 server replacing a 2003 server, with a new domain, but with the old email brought over. I exported and reimported with PSTs as the mailboxes werre too big to use exmerge. Users can't send to internal users with the NK2 files loaded as it sends to the old addresses. The old server, on a different dmain still exists on the lan until the changeover is done and it has BES on it. emails are going to the old server and to users' BBs in some casers.

What to do? Must I edit the NK2 file? Can old emails be replied to in the future or will they also break?

Answer : prolems with internal emails on new Exchange server and domain

The NK2 file uses the x.500 address to resolve names in Exchange.  So, you need to make sure each mailbox has an x.500 address that matches the address on the old domain.

I'm pretty sure (no access to Exchange server right now) that you can add multiple x.500 addresses to a mailbox.  If you can, simply copy the LegacyExchangeDN attribute from the old mailbox and add it as a new x.500 address on the new mailbox.  (To add a new x.500 address, select the "custom address"  and specify the address type as "X500" (no quotes)).  

If you can't add a second x.500 address, then create a contact for each user, modify the x.500 address for the contact, and then set the contact to forward all mail to the new mailbox.  

Hope this all makes sense.   Good luck...


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