Question : Hyperlink to an attachment in Outlook


I must "mimic" with VBA, Access and Outlook an existing mail which sports a number of attachments, and an HTML body with a table that shows a hyprlink to each of the attachemnets in the mail. When I look at the source, I only see, for each hyperlink toe ach attachment, an href tag with the file name of the attachment. However, if i move the mouse pointer over the hyperlink in the mail, I see a link of the type: "outbind//<long unique id>/<attcahment filename>.

I can create a similar mail in HTML format with all attachments added, and the HTML body with a table exactly similar as the original mail, but I don't know how to add the hyperlinks to the attachments. If I just add an href tag with the file name, it doesn't link to anything.

So, how can I find out this "outbind//..." reference when I add an attachment, and how can I build the hyperlink to it in the mail itself ?

Thnaks for help.

Answer : Hyperlink to an attachment in Outlook

To escape the single quote, add a second single quote.  In the tests I've run, I've had to enclose the whole string, including escaped quotes, in real single quotes.  I would try surrounding the CancelConfirm string with three single quotes:

usp_Find '''CancelConfirm'''
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