Question : Embedded Visual C++ 4 Installation Failed

I am trying to install Embedded Visual C++ 4.  When I run the installation I get the error "Microsoft Windows CE Platform Manager 4.0 Setup failed."  I do not get this error when installing on other PCs.  How can I get this installation to succeed?

The computer on which the installation is failing is running Windows XP Professional SP2.  I have previously uninstalled Embedded Visual C++ 3 and Visual Studio 2005.

Answer : Embedded Visual C++ 4 Installation Failed

I hope you have removed all SDK. The order is:
1. All SDK's.
2. eVC4.
3. ActiveSync.
When you uninstalled eVC, you need to remove Platform Manager, Platform Builder.
And you need to install in the opposite order - from ActiveSync. You need to have enough space on the hard disk. And, as a user, you need to have access to the specific registry keys.

Here is a link to download:
You will find all installation instructions there too.

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