Question : Proxy settings in Windows 7

We user a proxy server in our enviroment, and we also run many remote and mobile users.  In the past we have allowed the users to turn the proxy settings on and off through two desktop shortcuts.  These shortcuts pointed to files which contained modified registry keys that controlled the proxy settings.

Since moving to Windows 7, UAC will not allow the normal user to run these commands.  Does anyone know a way around this, or maybe a better way to do it?  I do not want to explain the whole process of unchecking the settings in IE as most of these users couldn't figure out the simple shortcuts much less the entire process.


Answer : Proxy settings in Windows 7

You could use a simple proxy.pac (wpad) file that you would determine if the user is on your internal LAN and direct them to your internal proxy server otherwise allow direct internet access such as the following example

function FindProxyForURL(url, host)
if (isInNet(myIpAddress(), "", ""))
return "PROXY";
return "DIRECT";

You can read more about proxy auto configuration files here

One Gotcha that you should be aware of is that this file is cached and therefore you may need to consider making a change that allows this file to be read everytime the browser is used.  Thats jumping ahead a bit and we can cross that bridge if and when you come to it.

Hope this helps
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