Question : Google map for ASP.NET

I implement Google map on my ASP.NET page but got stuck at the point where I want to pass the address at the marker location back to the server when the user clicks on the link I make on the info bubble of the marker.  That is: when the user clicks on the marker, an information bubble pop up contains the address at that marker.  On that information bubble, I have a link for the user to click to find more information my database has at that location.  I just found information about the link as an HTML anchor pointing to some Web address, but not some server page, for example, when click on a server control link button, it can have a postbackUrl that sets to some aspx page.
Any body has information as how to do this, please help.

Thank you.

Answer : Google map for ASP.NET

This code:

if (a[i].indexOf("#")!=0)

checks for the *occurrence* of an octothorpe (or "#"), not just the first character. If found, then the item is an image.
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