Question : Crystal Reports 11 - Cross-Tab FORMAT

Can we format cross-tab's each column differently..
If you look at my example:
The "PASSER_RATING" column is in decimals, I just want that column to be in decimals, rest of all the coulmns to be without the decimals. For ex: the COUNT_QB should be whole numbers, 3 or 2 or.. instead of 3.00 or 2.00 or ...
I want to know whether a particular coulmn in a cross-tab can be formatted differently than the others. is it even possible?
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Answer : Crystal Reports 11 - Cross-Tab FORMAT

That seems correct.

 Did you enter an alias for that column field in the cross-tab?  It'd be in the Cross-tab Expert on the "Customize Style" tab.  Select that column and see if there is anything in the "Alias for Formulas" box.  It looks like the name you use in GridRowColumnValue has to match that alias.  The default should be the original field name, but if you change the alias, it appears that you have to use that alias.

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