Question : Subnets


I recently purhased some offsite colocation space not far from our head office.

I asked for some public ip addresses as was assigned 12, which meets my needs

However, the subnet is, which encompasses a wider block then 12. My 12 ip addresses are towards the end of the blocvk, and the gateway is at the begining of the range.
My concern is what can stop another customer from accidently using one of my assigned ip addresses if they were assigned same 12 ip addresses at the start of the block? Should I be concerned? I am not saying anything could be done intentionally here, but are there controls avalable to prevent an ip conflict from another user on my block who accidently assigns one of my ip addresses (for which I have no control)? What would happen to routing at this point?



Answer : Subnets

The company providing the co-location is your hosting ISP.  Ask them if they do anything to prevent IP address spoofing [of your assigned addresses].
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