Question : hard drive making clicking noises

I am wondering in general is there any software a person can use on drives that seem to be unaccessable, for example drives that are making clicking noises.... ie voice coil causing the heads to move back and forth accross the platters, causing the clicking noises. I have come accross many drives in the past that were making this type of noise and told my customers that the drives are toast and the data is lost unless they want to spend hundreds of dollars sometimes more... to recover data using specialty recovery centers such as Ontrack. Are the drives really toast or can a normal IT tech attempt to recover data from the drive?

Answer : hard drive making clicking noises

Go to Control Pannel -> Administratove Tools -> Internet Information Server.
Expand the tree on the left side and find directory. Right click and open Properties.
There is a button Create (Bottom right). It creates an application into your server directories.

This is necessary if you have a Web Application Project...


Ivo Stoykov
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