Question : External Drive Shows Wrong Drive Size

I have a laptop drive that I removed from the laptop and installed in an external enclosure that connects to my XP computer with a USB Cable. When I first connected it, the drive indicated 120GB of total drive space with about half free. I then reformatted the drive using disk management within XP, however the drive size now shows only 11.4 GB. Is there something I can do to correct the drive size issue?

Answer : External Drive Shows Wrong Drive Size

   For Hyper V to be used, You must have a processor chip capable of Visualization enabled on it. All processors from Dual Core series of Intel brand supports it. So you can choose any of those which suits your budget.
When it comes to mother board choose which suits that processor. I prefer Intel G35 or D41.
Coming to  RAM go for 4GB corsair. It ll be robust. Hard disk, get a 1 TB(not so expensive).
Choose a good SMPS of minimum 350 watts or higher.
Go for a square monitor, what ever may be the size.

Have a nice Day. Rep me if it is useful.
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