Question : ARCserve 11.1 compatible with LTO4 Library/Autoloader?

I need to upgrade my backup solution to hold more capacity but money is a limiting factor right now so I can't do what I want.  As a stop gap I'm looking to buy an eight tape LTO4 library that will also work in my future solution.  Unfortunately I can't find anything on the CA website (one of the worst organized sites I've ever seen) about whether or not an LTO4 library is compatible with my version of ARCserve.  I believe I can use a single tape drive but that doesn't help me as I have too much data to fit on a single tape and can't to disk-2-disk-2-tape backups.  

My current ARCserve is r11.1 (Build 3216) which is all the latest updates.  I'd like to use a Quantum or Tandberg device as they are good devices that also cheaper than others but I'll use whatever I need.  Any help is greatly appreciated.

Answer : ARCserve 11.1 compatible with LTO4 Library/Autoloader?

hi bakies,

the compatiblity matrix is available here

the last device update for ARCSERVE 11.1 was way back in 2006..which essentially means that your backup solution is near to 4 years without any patches. The support for ARCserve 11.1 dropped almost 2 yrs back.

Having said that, buying the current version of arcserve would not cost you the same as it would cost for a new tape library what ever be the vendor.

A simple search on the for CA ARCserve Backup Release 11.1 certified device list will give you the link. for you to be able to identify what drives are support for what version of tape library, click on the "certified tape library manufacturers" link which will get you to the list of vendors and then select the vendor. This will give the list of tape libraries that are provided by the vendor and what is the support configuration.

Please remember that the list is what is tested by CA and as provided by the vendor. The vendor might have changed the name of the library or the same may no longer be available.

Having said that LTO4 without the WORM media is support on 11.1


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